About us

Logic 360 Group supports and consults clients through every step of the business improvement process.

Technology & Innovation

Logic 360 is an innovative, forward-thinking company and constantly seeks to improve processes, systems and technology. Logic 360 provides a paperless process from client instruction through to invoice & statements, allowing clients transparency and cost control via built-in reporting tools. Our systems allow interoperability and complete control over budget and resource allocation which in turn allows for scale with ease. We pride ourselves on our focus on best practice and techniques to improve efficiencies and provide cost-effective solutions for ourselves and our clients.
We have adopted a new approach on how we present candidates to you and offer clients a personalised suite of suitable, active candidates.
We also invested in a candidate management system in addition to our CRM which ensures priority and focus end-to-end on the candidate’s journey from application to successful placement.

The Logic 360 Foundation

Logic 360 Group takes its corporate social responsibility of giving back seriously. Due to its footprint in South Africa as well as it being the birth country of its founder, Butch Viviers, Logic set up the Logic 360 Foundation with a vision to change lives for the better in South Africa. By collaborations, we hope to add our story to the many successful efforts aiming to bring about positive change.

Logic’s UK, Irish partners as well as the SA team have supported various charities with just some ongoing projects including:

Collecting used, good quality baby clothing in the UK and distributing it to worthy causes in SA

50kg’s of football boots and clothing were collected in the UK and donated to various children’s sport projects in South Africa

Childhood Cancer and ‘Flip Flop’ Day

Ongoing financial contributions to several organisations in South Africa.

Vision & Mission

To be a trusted business partner to our clients’ operations.

To expand our unrivalled business model across the UK and Europe and Internationally as we already have presence in Ireland and South Africa.

To offer opportunities to people & companies that have a significant bearing on the recovery of pandemic, in particular the industries that have been decimated because of these unprecedented times.

Continue to offer and develop creative ways of working and building collaborative partnerships with likeminded business leaders and Companies.
Our vision is to become the Number One Employment Business and Agency, Workforce Management and Back Office Administration provider.
Our aim is to provide all our clients with a high-quality service and a long-term cost-effective solution to their recruitment needs and back-office administration.

Helping you grow

Membership and Accreditations

Trading since 2014 as an Employment Business and Agency, Workforce Management, Back Office Administration and Contingency Support provider.
Specialist in the Aviation, Automotive, Construction, Hospitality, Logistics and Warehousing Sectors

Corporate Members of REC, GLAA, Constructionline, ICO Registered and ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 accredited
GDPR Compliant
Part of the Assured Group of Companies


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