Contingency Support

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Contingency Support

We offer an alternative solution that gives you the flexibility and commercial benefit of utilising a pool of operatives only as and when you need them.

This fluid, more creative way of working, means you will only have to pay for operational support as and when you need it, rather than committing to contractual obligations by on-boarding employees, when their ‘downtime’ can be a more costly solution.

We screen, vet, manage and co-ordinate the call outs for these individuals and operate a 24/7 solution, giving you peace of mind, that Logic 360 are always there to assist when you need us to be. Again, strengthening our vision to be an extension of your operations and a valued business solution to your contracts.

Whilst we will always be able to support your direct employment needs, our Contingency team are readily available for planned events, making the process less expensive and stressful.

We are experienced in supporting unplanned/emergency situations and with years of experience, we have also learnt that some of these historical challenges happen more often than we would think! The patterns and trends are never an exact science, but you can put measures in place so that you are never caught out and we’re able to be on hand when required.

COVID is by far the worst and most significant ‘unplanned’ event, which has brought many industries to its knees. But could the ‘unplanned return’ of these industries be just as a painful and costly? There has been a significant shift in the Employment market and the competitive offerings we’re hearing of, with hirers offering handsome on-boarding/retention rewards to individuals to get them onboard can make it very daunting of Companies scaling up their operations.

Don’t get left behind as it will cost you more in the long term. You can still plan for the unplanned with a contingent model in place. We can tailor any service to suits your peaks & troughs and trends or significant contracts at certain times within the year. Do not let the return of market set you back even further.

There are many famous quotes that we can adopt to inspire and cultivate the return of some of the biggest markets, and one that sits most significantly to this model is:

Without a road map, all roads lead to nowhere…

Let’s work together, let’s plan your return and your journey, let us celebrate with you in your success and ability to achieve your set goals. After all, it is all in the planning!

Envision your road to success

As you navigate what’s next, we can work together to uncover answers so you’re more knowledgeable, confident and own a lasting solution that grows with you.